December 2023 Free Cash Earnings Report £50 Free Money

Bank Rewards: £18

  • Santander Lite Bank Account: £4
  • Halifax Reward Account: £5
  • Barclays Blue Rewards: £3
  • RBS My Rewards: £3
  • Natwest My Rewards: £3

Interest on Savings: £16

  • Barclays Rainy Day Savings Account: £4
  • RBS Regular Saver: £6
  • Natwest Regular Saver: £6

Decluttering Sales: £10

  • Perfume: £10

Cashback: £6

  • Casual purchases: £6
Free Money Income StreamContribution% Weight
Bank Rewards£1836%
Interest on Savings£1530%
Decluttering Sales£1020%

December 2023 Total: £50

£75 bellow £125 monthly target

MonthFree Money Earnings+/- Monthly Target (£125)Accumulativeto Year End Objective (£1,500)
January £124-£1£124£1,376

2023 Free Money Earnings: £1,922

£422 over £1,500 Annual Target

A mere £50 Free Money in December to top up 2023 Earnings to £1,922. I was able to beat the £1,901 mark of 2022 just at the photo finish. £422 over the £1,500 objective set 12 months ago. Good enough but not particularly spectacular. No grounds for complaining though since this is money for nothing. It materialised out of thin air. Literally. Please feel free to browse to learn where it came from. Point is, £2k is there for the taking every year if you want it. I am not trying my hardest. At all. Just follow my lead.

Bank rewards. No movers or shakers here. £18 per month from five bank accounts is the average figure I can expect from the my money loop set up. Until I am in a position to add additional bank accounts, I will have to accept 18 as the magic number in this department.

Interest on Savings. I made good use of all my savings in November and emptied my saving accounts. Nevertheless, interest payments still carried some inertia and I got credited with £15 in December. Not bad at all since I was expecting nowt from them. New Year, New Saving Goals. Interest payments will resume at a slower but steady pace. So I hope.

Decluttering Sales. A single sale coming from an unwanted item which came as part of a lot. My missus handed a brand new perfume in a box to me which was not of her liking. I priced it competitively for a quick sale at the right time of the year. It left behind £10 in the pot.

Cashback. Early Christmas online shopping delivered £6 cashback from casual purchases. Not a massive amount but every little counts. I have made a whopping £987 from cashback only in 2023. Never had it this good in a single year. Most definitely a personal best cashback wise. Half of my Free Money Earnings in 2023 came from cashback alone as a stream. Completely unexpected and not what I was aiming for but I will take it anyway.

Time flies. Another year gone in the blink of an eye. Since I am not becoming any younger, I find consolation in suggesting to myself that I have learnt something and become a little wiser over the last 365 days. I have no intention in stopping making Free Money anytime soon and I will keep documenting my Journey over the next 12 months. I hope that you are enjoying the ride as much as I am. My best wishes to all my fellow Free-Money-Makers out there for 2024.

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