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Collect Free Money from Switching/Opening Bank Accounts

Last Updated on February 18, 2021 by cash4nothing

Bank Switching cash incentives are offered by banks to motivate customers into opening new accounts. The process involves closing an old account and works by opening a new account with the bank of your choice and then allow the bank to switch accounts. That way, money, direct debits, standing orders, etc. will be moved across automatically from the old account to the newly opened. On completion, and subject to meeting a number of requirements, the cash incentive will be credited.

Alternatively, banks offer free money rewards for opening new accounts. They can be obtained as cashback (need to apply via a cashback website) or directly after account opening subject to satisfying Terms and Conditions of the offer.

Please check for updates as this list will be updated periodically.

C4N Bank Accounts Free Cash Switch Incentives Picks

HSBC£125 Switching Bonus
Monthly Pay-in
Pay in £1,750 every month or £10,500 over 6 months for an Advance account.
Direct DebitsSet up two direct debits or standing orders.

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