eBay January 2021 – £87 Sales

Items I managed to get sold on eBay in January 2021

Note: Net Profit is calculated by deducting postage costs (if applicable), Paypal fees and eBay fees off the final selling price.

Curtains Net profit: £8

Paper Lamp Shade Net profit: £5

Ceiling Lamp Net profit: £50

Note: Accepted buyer offer for £60. I also had to supply with a £4 holding bracket.

Ink Ribbon Net profit: £5

Spotlights Net profit: £15

Car Magazines Net profit: £4

I had been busy at the end of the last year with some DIY Projects around the house. I have listed a fair number of items that are no longer in use for me. The easiest thing to do will be to donate them or just throw them away. I am glad to see that they are finding a second home as someone else out there have a use for them. I am doing my bit for the environment as well as bringing some free money home in the process. Win-Win-Win scenario.

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