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Collect Free Money from Bank Accounts

Last Updated on February 18, 2021 by cash4nothing

Banks offer perks to their customers in the shape of rewards, free cash, cashback, and interests on bank account balances. Please be advised that there are requirements to be met before the moneys are released. These are monthly deposits, direct debits and, in some cases, minimum expenditure on a card.

We have created a live list to capture the most relevant bank accounts in terms of perks and rewards. Please check for updates as this list will be updated periodically.

C4N Bank Accounts Free Cash Perks Picks

Barclays Bank Account Blue Rewards£7 (£11 minus £4 fee)
Monthly Pay-in£800
Direct Debits2

Visit website to apply for a Barclays Bank Account

Monthly Pay-in£800
Direct Debits4

Visit website to apply for a Co-Op Bank Account

Monthly Pay-in£1,500
Other requirements£500 spend on debit card/month OR keep minimum of £5,000 in account.

Visit website to apply for a Halifax Bank Account

Natwest & RBS£3 (£5 minus £2 Fee)
Monthly Pay-in£1,250
Direct Debits2 (over £2 each)

Visit website to apply for a Natwest Bank Account

Visit website to apply for an RBS Bank Account

Santander 123Cashback: 3% back on water bills 2% back on gas, electricity, Santander home insurance and life protection 1% back on Santander mortgages, phone, broadband, mobile and TV bills and council tax.
£2 Fee ; cap of £5 cashback each.
Monthly Pay-in£500
Direct Debits2 (over £2 each)
Other requirementsLog in to online or mobile banking at least once every three months.

Visit website to apply for a Santander 123 Bank Account

TSB£5 for first six months
Other requirements30 debit card transactions per month

Visit website to apply for a TSB Bank Account