I made £2,020 in Free Money in 2020

Free Cash Summary by Month and by Source

2020 was a good year in terms of free cash. As mentioned in previous posts, I keep a written diary and a summary sheet at the end of every month to monitor my progress, but never went any further than that. I am keen to have a closer and more detailed look.

Objective for the Year: £1,200 ; End of Year Result: £2,017

MonthBank RewardsDecluttering SalesCashbackInterestsTotalAccumulativevs Objective
January £12£157 £27£196£196£1,004
February £12£28£3£26£69£265£935
March£14£18 £18£50£315£885
April£14£15 £23£52£367£833
May£10£23 £24£57£424£776
June£10£30 £12£52£476£724
August £8£858 £6£872£1,458£258
September £8£162£7£2£179£1,637-£437
October£10£251 £7£268£1,905-£705
November£10£5 £6£21£1,926-£726
December£8£79 £4£91£2,017-£817
Totals£124£1,638£90£165 £2,017
SourceAmmount% Weight
Bank Rewards£1246%
Decluttering Sales£1,63881%

Main Highlights

  • There is a clear 80/20 rule quite apparent from the summary time. 80% of all cash inflows came from eBay sales or 25% (1/4) of the sources.
  • Objective was met in August. Accumulative sums by the end of that month reached £1,458.
  • I have not been particularly active as regards to cashback and promotions as it did not feel necessary. I guess I could have but I was happy enough with my progress meaning I concentrated on sales.
  • Total could have been higher should I had deposited the proceeds in my ISA Account but this was free money I had already committed to spend.

£872 Free Cash Earnings in August

The short answer is that my house extension works started. As a result, I ended up with quite a few items which had to go in order to make room for it. To illustrate this, I have put together the following list:

  • Conservatory: £340
  • Sliding doors: £240
  • Washing machine: £90
  • Oven, Hub & Extractor: £90
  • Undercounter fridge: £70
  • Dishwasher: £60
  • Fridge: £50
  • Undercounter Freezer: £50
  • Ceiling Fan: £42
  • Sofa: £26
  • Kitchen Sink: £25

Here are my eBay for the top 5 sales:

Conservatory Net profit: £340

Sliding doors Net profit: £240

Washing Machine Net profit: £90

Dishwasher Net profit: £60

Fridge Net profit: £50

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