Fibre Broadband Switch £85 Cashback

After 18 long months with my current broadband provider it is now time to start the search for a new one when a host of very compelling reasons are to be considered. Let me enumerate a few:

  • I am free from contractual clauses tying me up to the same provider.
  • A fibre optic roll out in my postcode has been completed and that gives me an opportunity to upgrade from an outdated landline ADSL technology for a competitive price.
  • A constant grinding from wife and kids complaining about our current Wifi speed.
  • A sweet enough cashback offer for my custom giving a boost to my Free Money Earnings.

Last time round, I was messed about badly by BT and BT Openreach. Lesson learnt was that first, I will need to be careful in managing the switch, and second, a potential provider has been automatically ruled out. For good (no matter how wonderful the service might present itself).

Having done some basic research, I know that I can aim for a fibre contract delivering 60+ MBps (MegaBits per second) for about £25/month. That in itself will become my basic criteria when applying filters for a fine tuned search at different comparison websites.

Ok. Time for action. For those still not familiar with the drill, I will summarise my methodology once again and for the record:

  1. Use at least three different ‘independent’ comparison tools (ie: Broadband ChoicesBroadband Genie and Uswitch) to gauge the market as regards to best service on offer.
  2. Shortlist to the top two/three deals produced by the comparison process to then run searches individually in Cashback websites such as Quidco and TopCashback to rank cashback offers.
  3. Select deal using service promise and cashback reward as criteria. Sign-up via a cashback site to qualify for cashback reward.

Step 1 – Search providers using Comparison Engines

My basic set of requirements are:

Broadband Type: Fibre ; Speed: >60MBps ; Monthly cost: <£25 ; Contract length: any

Results from Uswitch

Results from Broadband Genie

Results from Broadband Choices

Results from TopCashback

Two main contenders emerge after combing four comparison websites: Sky Superfast Broadband and Vodafone Fibre 2. No need for me to look any further.

Step 2 – Search cashback websites for selected providers

Is it possible to get cashback if I sign up via a cashback website and if so, how much? I need to search individually to find out.

Sky Superfast 18 Month Contract deal promises £42.50 cashback.

Vodafone Full Fibre 2 24 Month Contract offers £85 cashback.

So for essentially the same service one provider rewards with exactly double the amount of cashback than the other £85 vs £42.50. Am I happy to compromise staying loyal for an additional six months in exchange for a much more generous cashback reward? Errm… Yes. I am.

Step 3 – Sign up with my provider of choice via a cashback website

Vodafone Fibre 2 is the clear winner. All is left to do is to click on the TopCashback link which will take me to the relevant landing page at Vodafone’s website and complete the sign-up process.

Shortly after, the transaction was captured on My Earnings. Smooth process indeed. Next step will be for the Engineer to visit my home and carry out the works necessary for the new service to go live. That will be the end of any active involvement on my side.

If you look at the date, the switch took place in June 2023 and the cashback was made available for payment almost immediately. An improvement to the household and its happy dwellers and also an improvement for my pocket. I love cashback. Easiest Free Money to be made. Hope your experience is as pleasant as mine. See you next time.

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