October 2021 Free Cash Earnings Report £512 Free Money

Cash4Nothing October 2021 Free Money Earnings

Bank Rewards & Interests: £18

  • Barclays Blue Rewards: £8
  • Co-op: £1
  • RBS My Rewards: £3
  • Natwest My Rewards: £3
  • Santander Lite Bank Account: £3

Interests over Savings: £42

  • Moneybox General Investment Account £2,000 Emergency Fund: £42

Cashback: £64

  • Broadband switch: £50
  • Casual purchases: £14

Freebies: £10

  • Cancelled broadband contract refund: £10

Bank Account Switch Promos: £225

  • Nationwide Account Switch: £125
  • Club Lloyds Account Switch: £100

eBay Sales: £153

  • Levi’s Jeans: £22
  • Galaxy Tablet: £30
  • Pair of trainers: £23
  • Oak Shelves: £26
  • Digital phones x2: £50
  • Car Magazine: £2

October Total: £512 (+£428 above £84 monthly target);

£1,964 above year target.

Bank RewardsInterest on SavingsCashback Freebies PromotionsSalesTotal
£183%£428%£6413% £102%£22544%£6583%£512
MonthFree Cash Earnings+/- to Monthly Target (£84)Accumulativeto Year End Objective (£1,000)
July £104 +£20 £2,258 +£1,258
August £147 +£63 £2,405 +£1,405
September£47 -£37 £2,452 +£1,452
October£512 +£428 £2,964 +£1,964
Cash4Nothing October 2021 Free Money Earnings Bar Char
October 2021 Free Money Earnings Bar Chart

£512 Free Money earnings in October. Just brilliant. Best month ever since I re-started my Cash4Nothing Venture apart from the June Tax Return. In addition, I recorded earnings in all areas (I am struggling to recall such an occurrence in my all time Free Money activities). It is £2,964 Free Money from January until now meaning that I am £36 away from my revised £3,000 target for the year. By contrast, the current Fund Value is £3,088. Not blowing any trumpets but I am not shy to share that the number feels great.

Back to steady state in the Bank Rewards department after the instability of the last three months as a result of having to cancel and setup direct debits. I am collecting £18 per month and all I need to do is log in as of when to check on my earnings. Passive income really.

I keep £2,000 as an Emergency Fund in my Moneybox General Investment Account. It bounced back from £2,042 to £2,084. I am back in the green having gained £42 in interest from the previous month. Ups and downs but there is clearly an uptrend in the long run. I am enjoying the short-term moment.

Cash4Nohting October 2021 Moneybox Stocks & Shares ISA
October 2021 Moneybox S&S ISA and GIA Accounts

Having upgraded my broadband service to Fibre Optic (see A £110 Cashback Reward for my New Broadband Contract) and cancelled my previous contract in the process, I received a £10 refund from my old broadband supplier as it seems that I had overpaid by the time the contract was due. Completely unexpected which in my world automatically qualifies as a Freebie. Thanks a lot.

Cash4nothing Broadband Refund 2021
Broadband Overpayment Refund

On a no so positive note, I have experienced a nightmare with my new broadband supplier. I will elaborate fully in a future post. Dreadful, appalling service which left me no choice but to go for an alternative supplier. From a Free Money perspective, I will not be collecting a £110 Cashback Reward but a £50 one instead. The good news is that it was paid out within a week of registering as a new customer. Another £14 in Cashback from casual purchases and courier services were paid on top. Overall, a £64 addition into the Pot. £52 came from Topcashback and £12 from Quidco. £241 Cashback Earnings so far. I just need £9 more to hit my £250 target. As it stands, I have approximately £15 worth of tracked cashback waiting to mature. Question is whether or not it will be confirmed as payable over the next two months. I am confident that it will so that I can green up the Cashback Box.

Cash4nothing October 2021 Topcashback Payout
October 2021 Topcashback Pay out
Cash4nothing October 2021 Quidco Payout
October 2021 Quidco Pay out

Bank Switch Promotions. Absolute nought for nine months and then I completed two in October. Puzzling but true. I had to take it as it came and took it I did. I collected £125 from Nationwide (see Nationwide Bank Account Switch £125 Cash Reward) and £100 from Lloyds (I will elaborate on a future post). £225 looks like a beautiful number to me. I can now put Promotions to rest for this year (should I wish to) since I surpassed my £200 target. Excellent news.

Cash4nothing October 2021 Nationwide Bank Switch Incentive Payout
October 2021 Nationwide Bank Switch Incentive Pay out

Cash4nothing October 2021 Lloyds Bank Switch Incentive Payout
October 2021 Lloyds Bank Switch Incentive Pay out

£153 Free Money Profits from unwanted items sold on eBay. Seven sales translate into an average of £22 per item. This number is relevant to me because it gives me an indication of my time/reward ratio. Three items per hour are currently paid at a £66 rate and there are no sourcing costs involved. 100% worth my while. I sold a mix of clothing, furniture, electronics and magazines. Diversification works. See my post £153 Profits from eBay Sales in October 2021 for more details.

I have good reasons to feel upbeat. I have met all my objectives for the year except for cashback (just £9 short) and I am £3,000 better off. Still two months to go and I am curious where I will end up earnings wise. Anything is possible.

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