eBay & Facebook May 2021 – £28 Sales

This is a list of the things that I managed to get sold on eBay and Facebook Marketplace in May 2021.

Note: Net Profit is calculated by deducting postage costs (if applicable), Paypal fees and eBay fees off the final selling price.

Trampoline accessory Net profit: £8

Martial Arts Kimono Net profit: £12

Garden Lights Net profit: £21

I definitely had better months than this one. Just three sales do not seem like a lot if we take into consideration the strong consistent sales I experienced in the previous months. In addition, a buyer reported a defect with one of the items I sold in April. The giant tennis balls I sent had apparently both been pierced. Not worth my time to get them back and inspect/repair to relist again. I am better off taking a loss of £13 pounds (£10 for the refund + £3 for the postage off my own pocket) and moving on.

The trampoline spares keep selling. They are hardly using any space in my shed and they are highly profitable. Someone out there will need one of them at a certain point in time and I will be there to satisfy that demand. Just funny that the trampoline bed sold for £10 and I must have made at least £80 off spare bits and pieces so far. That goes to show that sometimes is best breaking the item down for parts rather than selling it as an individual bundle. Providing you have the time and the storage room for them, it is definitely worth investigating the spares market for certain items. Trampoline bits is a hot one in the summer months. I will make a note.

My old Karate Kimono is serving a new owner. My interests have drifted into new avenues and I have no use for it anymore. I am glad that it has found a new home other than the loft. Lastly, another garden bit out of the door. What I mean is skip/rubbish material transformed into free cash. Again, the right person out there will be in need of garden lights and DC units at the right price. That is a clear signal that I will need to keep my listings running until such a person turns up. Overall, £28 pounds Free Money from eBay sales. Every little helps.

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