May 2021 Free Cash Earnings Report £61 Free Money

Bank Rewards: £19

  • Barclays Blue Rewards: £8
  • Co-op: £2
  • RBS My Rewards: £3
  • Natwest My Rewards: £3
  • Santander Lite Bank Account: £3

Interests over savings: £9

  • Moneybox General Investment Account £1,000 Emergency Fund: £9

Promotions: £5

  • Free trade sign up: £5

eBay Sales: £28

  • Giant Tennis Balls Return: -£13
  • Trampoline accessory: £8
  • Martial Arts Kimono: £12
  • Garden Lights: £21

May Total: £61 (-£23 below Monthly Target)

£58 above Year End Target.

Bank RewardsInterest on SavingsPromotionsSalesTotal

MonthFree Cash Earnings+/- to Monthly Target (£84)Accumulativeto Year End Objective (£1,000)

Below target month with sales taking quite a dip. On top of it, I experienced an eBay return for which I had to fully refund the buyer and take a £13 loss (£10 item value + £3 postage to send it off my own pocket). Minor setback but not the end of the world really. A profit is a profit and I will not frown at £61 Free Money. Interest on savings are somehow fluctuating in my Moneybox GIA Account where I keep my £1,000 Emergency Fund but eventually produced a £9 profit. I got around to sign-up for my first promotion which brought home £5. Not a fortune but not a complete waste of time. We live and learn and sometimes the best promotions are the ones you don’t sign up for. Duly noted.

Two big positives to extract are: first, I have an automated system in place ensuring £19 in Free Cash per month (£228 per year) thanks to bank perks; and second, I reached and surpassed my Target for the Year. Was I too conservative? Maybe or maybe not. I will carefully study the numbers in my next review and assess what I can reasonably expect as a bare minimum for the future by analysing hard cold facts & figures.

Not blowing my own trumpet, but I am pleased that I managed to produce £1,058 Free Cash in five months. Still seven months to go and I have a decent amount of items for sale (and more lined up), cashback in the pipeline, bank rewards as a given, interests on my Emergency Fund and I have not even managed to complete a proper promotion. My Free Money Future looks bright.

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