Clutter for Cash £62 Free Money Selling my Stuff on eBay in January 2022

Clutter for Cash £62 Free Money January 2022 Selling my Stuff on eBay

This is a list of the unwanted items that I managed to sell on eBay in January 2022.

Note: Net Profit is calculated by deducting postage costs (if applicable) and eBay fees off the final selling price.

£62 Free Money Profits from selling my unwanted stuff on eBay in January 2022. I sold four items which does not seem like a lot. Still a £15 average profit per item combined with an hourly eBay rate of £62 (15 minutes/listing) makes it an attractive prospect in my book. Really content with the Free Money takings and a nice clutter for cash switch.

Tennis Racquet Net profit: £42

I like a tennis game here and there. I guess I am an ok recreational player but I am not at a level where I feel comfortable testing sample racquets. I have gone through a fair number of racquets over the years as I like to experiment with different brands, racquet head sizes, string tensions and specs. I bought a brand new Yonex V Core 97 a couple of years ago in the thought that it would suit my game style nicely, but unfortunately, it turned out to be a complete flop for me. I felt extremely uneasy playing with it. Weird. It was not because of lack of trying but I ended up despising the thing if I am crudely honest. The only good thing about the racquet was the £42 profit it left behind. Cannot describe with words the joy I felt packing it up and dropping it off at the parcel shop. Bye for good.

Car Magazine Net profit: £2

Another month, another magazine gone, another £2 in the kitty. Sales are ticking along from my magazine stack. Quite a few left to go yet but I do not feel any pressure whatsoever to shift the lot. My only job is to update the available numbers on the listing whenever they are approaching a low. Not the hardest of the tasks. Extremely relaxing I would say.

Kids Glasses Net profit: £8

To my surprise, a second pair of glasses from the lot left behind by my little girl sold delivering an £8 profit. I mean, all of them are in immaculate condition and I find the styling trendy and fashionable. They must appeal to someone out there. I deem a sale as a validation of this theory. Both buyers have left very complementary positive feedback comments which reinforces my point. I have another five pairs listed. It looks as they will go sooner rather than later.

Desktop Computer Memory Module Net profit: £10

I purchased a new desktop computer last year. It was presented as a more than decent spec machine offered at a very competitive price. Too good to miss. Turns out I completely overlooked on a crucial feature: the internal RAM Memory. Just was not enough to handle the machine needs. End result was the computer was making extensive and systematic use of the hard disk as temporary storage when switching between tasks making it painfully slow. Correction. The right word is slooooooooooooooooooooooow. I have come very close to throwing it through the window on more than a handful of occasions. Eventually, I came to the realisation that rather than blaming the computer and my lack of due diligence, I should stop moaning and do something about it. So I did. I bought a 16GB Memory Module (these things are not particularly cheap by the way) and upgraded the computer. I almost cried when I switched the thing back on. Lightning fast performance is clearly an understatement. Gosh. Why did I wait that long to do it? The answer has to be that I do not question myself enough. I should try and do it much more often.

After the replacement, I was left with a redundant 4GB Memory Module but guess what? The market for these kind of electronics is red hot. It was not sitting on the shelf for long. For an item that signifies stubbornness and frustration in equal shares, a tenner feels like a million dollar profit. I almost cried for the second time in a row.

Not a bad month considering is January. Happy with my sales profits because I have eaten at a 12% of my £500 sales target. The sooner I flog clutter for £500 the better. I have a feeling that I am on the right path once again.

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