March 2021 Free Cash Earnings Report £248 Free Money

Bank Rewards: £10

  • Barclays Blue Rewards: £8
  • Santander Lite Bank Account: £2

Interest over Savings: £15

  • Moneybox General Savings Account: £15

Facebook Marketplace Sales: £25

  • Girls Bike: £20
  • Garden Trellis: £5

eBay Sales: £198

  • Men’s Black Levi’s: £35
  • Trampoline Spare Pole: £8
  • iWatch Straps: £3
  • Canon Camera: £8
  • Sony Camera: £27
  • Slides 2 PC Transfer: £35
  • Magazine: £2
  • NIKON D40 Camera: £67
  • Kids Trainers: £5.
  • Trampoline Accessory: £8

March Total: £248 (+£149 over monthly target)

£454 remaining to Year End Objective.

Bank Perks & InterestsInterest over SavingsSalesTotal
MonthFree Cash+/- Monthly TargetAccumulativeRemaining to YE Objective

I keep myself focused at chipping away at my decluttering. I am not even trying hard, but I keep finding loads of unwanted stuff around the house, and more importantly, it is selling quite well. Best month so far in terms of sales and free cash earnings. I am more than happy with the £248 figure and the fact that I am flogging a significant amount of clutter collecting free cash in the proceeds. I devised an Investment Strategy and I also managed to set aside some time to tidy up my bank accounts setting the path straight to ensure a free cash flow of £19-24 in bank perks every month. A very productive month overall.

Looking back, I set a goal of £1,000 Free Money by the end of the year. Three months into it, I am already 50% there. On top of it, I have cashback in the pipeline and quite a few items lined up for sale. It seems like I am gathering a bit of momentum and growing my confidence. I have a strong feeling that I will reach my goal in a much shorter period of time than initially planned.

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