November 2021 Free Cash Earnings Report £128 Free Money

Cash4Nothing November 2021 Free Money Earnings

Bank Rewards & Interests: £16

  • Barclays Blue Rewards: £8
  • RBS My Rewards: £3
  • Natwest My Rewards: £3
  • Santander Lite Bank Account: £2

Interests over Savings: £9

  • Moneybox General Investment Account £2,000 Emergency Fund: £9

Cashback: £3

  • Courier Services: £3

eBay Sales: £100

  • Broadband Router: £8
  • Mens Jacket: £21
  • Womens sports top: £6.
  • Star Wars Watch: £10.
  • Boys boots: £11.
  • BT Router: £25.
  • Womens running shoes: £19.

November Total: £128 (+£44 above £84 monthly target);

£2,092 above year target.

Bank RewardsInterest on SavingsCashbackSalesTotal
MonthFree Cash Earnings+/- to Monthly Target (£84)Accumulativeto Year End Objective (£1,000)
July £104 +£20 £2,258 +£1,258
August £147 +£63 £2,405 +£1,405
September£47 -£37 £2,452 +£1,452
October£512 +£428 £2,964 +£1,964
November £128 +£44 £3,092 +£2,092
2021 Free Money Earnings Bar Chart

November brought £128 in Free Money. This contribution takes me to a year total of £3,092. It means that I surpassed my revised target of £3,000 by almost £100 and December will surely deliver additional Free Cash on top. Mission accomplished. Hooray! Let’s not forget that this money is not sitting idle but has been invested in ISA vehicles. As a result, the Free Cash Fund Value is £3,245 or £153 (+4.9%) more than the accrued lump sum. That is a nice icing on the cake.

Should all my direct debits remain unchanged, Bank Rewards are consistent and steady. As things stand, £17 Free Money earnings per month from Bank Rewards is a given and I am not foreseeing any changes in the short term. The only relevant piece of news is that I decided to ditch the Co-Op Bank account (see Lloyds Bank Account Switch £100 Cash Reward post). Four direct debits tied up and minimum monthly deposits into the account of £800 seems like too much hassle for such a little reward of just £1. Just not worth it for me. The Account had to go at some point and the opportunity presented itself at the time of switching it off when opening the Lloyds account to collect the £100 reward.

My Moneybox General Investment Account (GIA) where I keep a £2,000 Emergency Fund appreciated in value by £9 from £2,084 in the first of October to £2,093 in the first of November. Positive gains (no matter how modest) are always better than none at all or negative. Compounded and aggregated over the year, I have had a gain of £122 (+6.2%). Nothing to frown upon. Quite the opposite.

November 2021 Moneybox S&S ISA and GIA Accounts

A total of £3 in Cashback from courier services matured in my Topcashback account. These earnings are available for withdrawal but I am not in a rush to cash in just yet. I am hoping that December provides with another £6 from confirmed transactions so that I can reach my £250 Free Money Earnings Objective from cashback for the calendar year. As it stands, I have collected £244 (see Free Money Tracker for more details).

Finally, a round figure of £100 Free Money from personal items sold on eBay. Five items of clothing and two items of electronics. Seven sales averaged £14 decluttering profits per item giving me a ratio of a £1 per minute (approx. 15 minutes invested per listing). Still a decent hourly pay of £60/hour. I must admit that I have not listed any new items for over a month. All the sales are coming from old listings which happened to shift when the right buyer was ready to check out. Not quite but it also feels like passive income. Fact is, I have had sales every month of the year. No exceptions. It is a Free Money System that works and it is by far my biggest earnings contributor with £1,286 in profits so far this year (see Free Money Tracker). I love decluttering.

November and December are traditionally spending months in the household. Incidentally, I also have some non-avoidable expenses due at this time of the year that will require my attention. I am hoping to milk some cashback from these expenditures which will set me up nicely to make a good Free Money Start in the New Year. As for 2021, I am more than ok with my earnings so far. One last month to find out where I will end up.

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