eBay & Facebook Sales September 2021 – £65 Profit

This is a list of the things that I managed to get sold on eBay and Facebook Marketplace in September 2021.

Note: Net Profit is calculated by deducting postage costs (if applicable), Paypal fees and eBay fees off the final selling price.

Pair of t-shirts Net profit: £2

XBOX 360 Console Net profit: £44

Car Magazine Net profit: £2

Bundle of used tennis balls Net profit: £17

£65 Free Money from decluttering sales in September. Good figure in terms of profit but I cannot help but feeling slightly disappointed at the number of sales being just four. I orbit around 30 to 50 personal items in inventory for sale at any given time so it seems a little low to me. Sometimes they fly off the shelf and other times sales become stagnant. I hardly ever discard an item, so eventually, the immense majority go. I cannot predict when though so I keep my listings live and wait for them to mature. I might also decide to promote a listing or gradually reduce the price to encourage sales. It works. This time round I have to settle for four items. In the big scheme of things, I will sign without hesitation for a £65/month income from sales every month (£700-£800 per year), so I guess I should not be complaining.

Two small ticket price items: a pair of t-shirts and a car magazine left £2 profit each. Not massive but all these small contributions account for 80% of the profits following a clear Pareto Law. I am not looking down on them at all.

It has been three years since I got a new XBOX One for my son. I reasoned that I would keep the old 360 for myself in the thought that I would give playing a go just to eventually come to the realisation that my interests have dramatically shifted. I am not keen on spending my time XBOXing at all so the console bundle had to go. To my surprise, it took a few months to sell. I felt tempted to reduce to price to make it more appealing for the potential buyer out there but I was not going to give it away either as £50 was more than a fair asking price for it. I could have sold it earlier by doing so but I was not desperate for a sale and it was not creating a storage problem for me. It found a new home and left £44 Free Money behind.

I do like a game of tennis every now and then. As a by-product of my hobby, I happen to accrue quite a few worn-out tennis balls. When the number reaches 36, I use a template listing to sell them for £20. It never takes more than a week for them to go. There is definitely a market for used tennis balls out there. Is not making me millions but leaves £17 profit from rubbish materials. Happy with that.

On a different note, I set up shop on eBay for all my clutter and some other resale items. Unsurprisingly, my profile is called cash4nothing-com. You are more than welcome to visit by clicking on the eBay link. There is a little of everything for everyone so hopefully, you’ll find something of your interest. Happy eBaying.

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