eBay & Facebook February 2021 – £182 Sales

Items I managed to get sold on eBay & Facebook Marketplace in February 2021

Note: Net Profit is calculated by deducting postage costs (if applicable), Paypal fees and eBay fees off the final selling price.

Oak Dining Table and Chair Set Net profit: £140

Garden Bird Bath Stone Ornament Net profit: £20

Ochre Curtains Net profit: £8

Laptop Docking Station Net profit: £6

Navy Blue Curtains Net profit: £8

My Garden Renovation Project is throwing a few items into the mix. Some of these items belonged to the previous owner of the house and I do not see any use in keeping for me. The first one to go is a battered bird bath ornament which had seen better days. Still sold for £20. A discarded laptop docking station someone in my office threw away delivered £6, two sets of curtains brought home £8 each. Finally, the old oak dining table and chair set cashed-in £140. £182 free money overall. Nice round figure bringing me a little bit closer to my free cash objective.

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