April 2021 Free Cash Earnings Report £451 Free Money

Bank Rewards: £29

  • Barclays Blue Rewards: £8
  • Co-op: £2
  • RBS My Rewards: £16
  • Santander Lite Bank Account: £3

Interests over savings: £22

  • Moneybox General Investment Account £1,000 Emergency Fund: £22

Cashback: £81

Facebook Marketplace Sales: £10

  • Trampoline: £10

eBay Sales: £309

  • Samsonite suitcase caster: £3
  • Babolat tennis racquet: £19
  • Silver set of Curtains: £20
  • Trampoline Pole x2: £24
  • Vintage Computer: £78
  • Lamp shade: £4
  • Fleece: £8
  • iPhone 8 Box: £4
  • Rug: £30
  • Dunelm curtains: £8
  • Garden toys: £8
  • Sport Sunglasses: £10
  • Giant tennis balls: £5
  • Magazines x3: £6
  • USB A/V Grabber: £6
  • Bicycle Tyres: £15
  • Pin: £3
  • Vintage sweater: £8
  • Garden Saw: £25
  • JVC Camera: £25

April Total: £451 (+£367 over Monthly Target)

£3 remaining to Year End Target.

Bank RewardsInterest on SavingsCashbackSalesTotal
MonthFree Cash Earnings+/- to Monthly Target (£84)Accumulativeto Year End Objective (£1,000)

Best month so far in every department. Having reactivated my RBS Rewards account might have meant that all rewards accrued had been dormant. Fact is, My RBS Rewards Account was automatically credited with £16 after the switch back. I was not expecting that at all and I have no intention of arguing the case. Definitely much better than a slap in the face with a wet fish.

My £1,000 Emergency Fund deposited in the Moneybox General Investment Account delivered another £22 in interest. A grand parked away keeps the interests growing at a steady pace. I also had two different cashback payouts from Quidco: £70 for Car Insurance and Boost Rewards and £11 from an eBay purchase. Like buses, you can be waiting forever and then four arrive in one go. Payment was confirmed on the same day and within hours from each other. I swiftly proceeded to withdraw the funds into my bank account.

Last but not least, a really good decluttering month. I sold 22 items overall bringing home £319. Just nice. Highlights are a vintage desktop computer from 1999 that had been collecting dust in the loft for the last 20 years. I finally gathered the energy to bring it down, test it and list it. It sold on eBay for £90 two hours after the listing went live. I am also delighted to let the trampoline and accessories go. Fun part is spare poles sold for more than the trampoline itself (£24 from two poles vs £10 from the trampoline itself). It took quite some time to shift but it is finally gone for good. A big sigh of relief and a few coins jingling in my pocket.

Just £3 away from my £1,000 year target. Champagne is already in the fridge.

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