Struggling to Save? Use your Free Money Earnings to build a Savings Pot

Free Money to Build a Savings Pot

Are you on a low income?

Do you find yourself with no money left after monthly outgoings?

Do you find it hard to budget?

All of these scenarios are by no means strange to me and I have no qualms to admit that I have found myself in these situations at various points in my life.

I do clearly remember when I took on my first job and then immediately moved in with my partner into a rented flat. We were extremely happy together but also faced the harsh realities of adulthood living on a very tight budget. We had to look very carefully where we spent our money so that we had enough to survive on until the next pay check. Saving was not part of our vocabulary. It was not a case that we did not want to, we just could not afford to. After rent, bills, food, entertainment and loan payments there was very little left at the end of every month. Simply put, saving was pure utopia at that moment in time.

A few years later, I happened to give myself the responsibility to provide for a young family. Around that time, we had enough saved as a deposit to purchase our first home. That deposit took considerable time an effort to accrue. I was on a much better salary though, but I was also carrying the weight of a big mortgage, bills, childcare costs, loans, food, plus monthly outgoings. In addition, I had an empty house which needed furniture, fixtures and fixings. To top it all up, I had no money whatsoever since I had used the last penny of my savings towards buying the property. Not only I was not in a position to save, I had to go further into debt so that I could provide with a decent standard of living for my family. I had no choice but to adhere to a strict budget for quite a while until I was able to get some breathing space. I just had to bite the bullet and go through the motions as any regular person goes through.

This was my reality at different stages in my life and all these recollections and feelings are still fresh and very vivid in my head. I am grateful for what I have but I also have to state loud and clear that I have earned every single bit of it. Those experiences reinforced on me the value of saving for the future. I was feeling helpless and overwhelmed at first which in turn gave me the motivation to find a way to get myself out of it.

I did indeed pursued different avenues and developed several ways of making extra cash. One of them is presented in this very Blog. I honestly and truly hope that you can benefit from the ideas and methods that I am using to make Free Money in order to build a Savings Pot.

According to the Money Advice Service, there are currently 16 million people who have less than £100 saved. I am not counting on you being one of them (as I certainly was) but chances are that you will find the content of this Blog useful to achieve your savings goals no matter your personal financial situation.

Whether it is for an Emergency Fund, a house deposit, a holiday, a wedding, savings for your kids, a new car, a career change, education, retirement, Christmas, birthdays, home improvements, etc, etc. etc. is irrelevant. The point is that a money pot will be needed at some point in the future but you are currently not in a position to save enough at the end of every month to achieve your savings goal.

Why use Free Money Sources to Save?

Let me reinforce the point that I am not advocating for a side hustle, overtime or to increase my personal workload at home. The solution is to generate additional income on top of my salary without creating a second job. The Free Money does necessarily need to come from every day activities that I will incur into regardless, automated tasks or from freebies readily available with minimum effort. The Goal is to make extra earnings easily not involving time or capital expenditure. I have done it before with ample success so I am positive I can do it again.

I would have known how to make Free Money earlier I would have been tens of thousands better-off …

No regrets. They don’t work. The person I am today and the things that I know are the result of my experiences and the way I dealt with them. One goes after the other. I have definitely learnt and grown over the years and that mix shaped me into my current who. Should I have come across this knowledge earlier in my life I would have been tens of thousands better-off today but there is no point feeling sorry for the missed opportunities to make and save Free Cash. I trust that sharing my Journey from the start with you, my fellow reader, can help you to take advantage of these opportunities to grow your earnings, hopefully past what I have managed to achieve.

Anyone can grow a Savings Pot from Free Money Sources

I have done this for several years now and managed to accrue a significant amount of Free Money as savings (see my post How I managed to make £23,000 from Free Cash Sources). The beauty of it all is that Free Money Sources are not unique to me. They are low hanging fruit readily available to the average person. Anyone can collect Free Money in the same way that I do.

Follow me on my Journey to build my Free Cash Fund

This Blog documents my Journey into achieving my goals and objectives in terms of Free Money Earnings. My intention is not to preach or lecture about what needs to be done. On the contrary, my goal is to grow my Free Cash Fund (FCF) back and to share my progress every step of the way so that others can benefit from it and gain some inspiration, hints and ideas to make extra cash and/or grow their savings. See the latest Free Cash Fund Value.

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